What People are Saying

"Much has been written about mission and values, but the concept of behavioral norms, so adeptly developed in The Imperfect Leader, takes mission and values from the theoretical to the practical for a management team. Also, the humility theme that resonates throughout this book is the critical missing ingredient for so many leaders. I heartily recommend this book for all leaders and aspiring leaders."

Robert Feller, Former Chief Executive Officer, GMAC Commercial Holding Corporation

"Remember McGregor's management models from 1960 that proved the power of Theory Y leadership? In The Imperfect Leader, Taylor provides us with an effective outline for the Theory Y leader for our time. This practical book can improve your leadership effectiveness and create an environment for your company to thrive in today's challenging climate."

Leonard J. Tacconi, President, Discovery Health Channel & Media Enterprises

"The Imperfect Leader boldly acknowledges what we all know about human beings and leaders... they are not perfect. Wrapped around an interesting personal story, The Imperfect Leader explores shortcomings and fears all leaders face at critical junctures of their careers. More importantly, it offers valuable lessons which prepare the reader to become a more humble leader…a leader capable of creating extraordinary results through genuinely inspired teams of people."

Joe Herring, Chairman and CEO, Covance Inc.

"The simple story told in The Imperfect Leader accomplishes what so many other texts on leadership fail to deliver - a straightforward and fundamental analysis of what transformational leaders must do … whether they know it or not."

Thomas D. Christopoul, Former Executive Vice President Human Resources, Cendant Corporation

"The story format of The Imperfect Leader is a clever and effective way to bring home a key message about leadership: A little introspection goes a long way. Leadership is much about the perception others have for a manager’s style. Taking the time to understand your behaviors (a reflection of your own values) through the eyes of others may be a helpful endeavor for any executive."

Jerry P. Belle, Executive Chairman, Merial Ltd, (a Joint Venture of Merck and sanofi-aventis)

"Rising senior executives, the leaders of tomorrow, would do well to read this book and understand it applies to them. When you get to the point in life that you figure out it’s not about you, then you need to figure out what it is about."

William Bromage, President & Chief Operating Officer, Webster Bank

"There is one true and effective model for leadership that outperforms all others—it is time-tested and historically proven to be the leadership model for transformational change. In The Imperfect Leader, Taylor offers an interesting, well written articulation of that model. It is a very practical book that should be read by any leader seriously intending to make a difference—in their organization—or in the world."

George Gallup, Jr., The Gallup Organization

"Every CEO and leadership team will benefit from the insights and methodology found in The Imperfect Leader. Davis Taylor brings unerring integrity and focus to the process of aligning leadership teams on common values, mission and vision. He also challenges business executives to understand that it is not about me, a realization that can bring waves of positive change throughout the organization. Read the book and challenge yourself to become a Values-based Leader."

Robert Cook, Vistage Chair

"The Imperfect Leader shows us how we can indeed live-out in our business lives what we practice at church on Sunday."

Harry Hurst, President, Hurst Communications